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DevExtreme Complete Subscription是性能最优的 HTML5,CSS 和 JavaScript 移动、Web开发框架,可以直接在Visual Studio集成开发环境,构建iOS,Android,Tizen和Windows Phone 8应用程序。DevExtreme包含 PhoneJS 和 ChartJS 两个原生UI组件,并且提供源代码。目前,DevExtreme支持VS2010/2012/2013集成开发环境,兼容Android 4+、iOS5+、Windows 8、Window Phone 8、Tizen五大移动平台,是Visual Studio开发人员开发跨平台移动产品的首选工具。




Data Grid
  • T618230 - DataGrid - It is necessary to keep the column size with the disabled allowResizing field
  • T619902 - DataGrid inside Popup with Form is rendered incorrectly in IE
  • T619069 - dxDataGrid - The grid doesn't fully clear the applied filter in some scenarios when resetting the grid's state
UI Widgets
  • T619823 - dxSelectBox fails to unwrap its data source observable array in certain cases
  • T618791 - dxSelectBox filter is not cleared if an item is selected by the Tab key
  • T619679 - dxTagBox does not select initial values when dataSource is slow
  • T618843 - dxTextBox - A masked editor value can't be edited on Android 7.0 devices
  • T618605 - Gallery - html in the default item template is not rendering
  • T620318 - TagBox removes previously selected tags under certain conditions
  • T619103 - TextBox - The "(" can be removed even if a mask is set
Data Visualization
  • T620010 - dxChart - Points are not connected in the Range Area series
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