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DevExpress VCL Controls是 Devexpress公司旗下最老牌的用户界面套包。所包含的控件有:数据录入,图表,数据分析,导航,布局,网格,日程管理,样式,打印和工作流等,让您快速开发出完美、强大的VCL应用程序!DevExpress广泛应用于ECM企业内容管理、 成本管控、进程监督、生产调度,在企业/政务信息化管理中占据一席重要之地。

【适用范围】:Delphi / C++Builder XE2 / XE3 / XE4 / XE5 / XE6 / XE7 / XE8 / XE10 , Embarcadero Delphi , C++Builder 10 Seattle

1)  DXperience最新版本汉化资源(2万词汇专业汉化、节约3成项目研发时间、一行代码轻松搞定!)
2)  DevExpress for .NET高级培训(“功能讲解+示例演示+实战演练”三位一体的培训模式,让您真正学有所获!)



ExpressBars Suite
  • T662259 - An AV occurs when loading a skinned form with toolbars at design time if one or more skin elements are missing
  • T666300 - Ribbon - TdxRibbonBackstageView - Bar buttons (TdxBarButton and TdxBarLargeButton) are 1 pixel high if their Align property is set to a value other than iaLeft
ExpressEditors Library
  • T666917 - An application freezes on initializing a DLL file that references the dxTaskbarProgress unit
  • T665820 - cxCheckBox - The Properties.Glyph.Image.Source~ property values are ignored
  • T661655 - Find Panel - The parent control sets an incorrect size and position of the Search Box on changing the control's FindPanel.DisplayMode property value to fpdmAlways if the monitor DPI differs from 96
  • T661063 - TcxCustomComboBox descendants very slowly populate their Properties.Items property on creating a form
  • T667542 - TcxDBTimeEdit - The editor doesn't post the 12:00 value if the Properties.Use24HourFormat property is set to False
  • T662138 - TcxGroupBox is incorrectly scaled if the ParentFont property is set to False and the Anchors property is set to a value other than [akLeft,akTop]
  • T658603 - TdxGalleryControl - Right-clicking a gallery item displays a popup menu prior to selecting this item if the OptionsBehavior.SelectOnRightClick property is set to True
ExpressEntityMapping Framework
  • T667113 - An AV occurs on saving an entity object whose primary key value is nil if the primary key is declared as an entity class
  • T671094 - TdxEMFDataSet - Add support for master-detail relationships based on the ExpressQuantumGrid control's data controller
  • T667111 - The "Invalid class typecast" error occurs when TdxEMFADODataProvider obtains the DATE column's data from an SQL Server database
ExpressExport Library
  • T666581 - Export to XLS or XLSX - Master-Detail - An AV occurs when exporting images displayed in detail View cells
ExpressGDI+ Library
  • T662062 - SVG Images - The "Invalid Operation in GDI+ (Code 2)" exception occurs on loading a DFM file that contains TcxImageList


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