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【版本更新】VCL界面控件DevExpress VCL发布v18.1.6|附下载

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DevExpress VCL Controls是 Devexpress公司旗下最老牌的用户界面套包。所包含的控件有:数据录入,图表,数据分析,导航,布局,网格,日程管理,样式,打印和工作流等,让您快速开发出完美、强大的VCL应用程序!DevExpress广泛应用于ECM企业内容管理、 成本管控、进程监督、生产调度,在企业/政务信息化管理中占据一席重要之地。

【适用范围】:Delphi / C++Builder XE2 / XE3 / XE4 / XE5 / XE6 / XE7 / XE8 / XE10 , Embarcadero Delphi , C++Builder 10 Seattle

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ExpressBars Suite
  • T673148 - An AV occurs at design time when using the Customization Form to add, remove, or change a bar item on an ancestor form
  • T289073 - Bar items are painted with colors that do not match corresponding theme colors of an operating system and disabled bar items cannot be selected if the bar manager's LookAndFeel.NativeStyle property is True
  • T676069 - Changing a bar item's hint caption in the hint style controller's OnShowHintEx event handler has no effect if the bar item's hint is invoked immediately after another TControl descendant's hint
  • T675164 - Ribbon tab groups inherited from a parent form become invisible at runtime if the corresponding ribbon tab's Groups collection is changed
ExpressEditors Library
  • T671230 - A TcxContainer descendant scales incorrectly if its ParentFont property is False and the Anchor property has a non-default value
  • T670891 - cxDateEdit - An AV occurs on expanding a drop-down calendar in Touch mode if the time range between the system and displayed dates exceeds a month, and the Properties.View property is set to cavClassic or cavModern
  • T674788 - cxLabel - The Properties.ShowEndEllipsis property value is ignored if the Properties.Alignment.Horz property is set to taCenter
ExpressEntityMapping Framework
  • T672553 - The "The data types varchar(max) and ntext are incompatible in the equal to operator" error occurs when TdxEMFADODataProvider obtains data from an SQL Server table's varchar(max) columns
ExpressExport Library
  • T670621 - The EdxException occurs when exporting nodes containing images to an XLS or XLSX file
ExpressGDI+ Library
  • T678222 - SVG Images - The "Invalid operation in GDI+ (Code: 3)" exception occurs on displaying an image with the 'path' element whose line width is zero



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