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【版本更新】VCL界面控件DevExpress VCL Controls发布v18.2.4|附下载

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DevExpress VCL Controls是 Devexpress公司旗下最老牌的用户界面套包。所包含的控件有:数据录入,图表,数据分析,导航,布局,网格,日程管理,样式,打印和工作流等,让您快速开发出完美、强大的VCL应用程序!DevExpress广泛应用于ECM企业内容管理、 成本管控、进程监督、生产调度,在企业/政务信息化管理中占据一席重要之地。

【适用范围】:Delphi / C++Builder XE2 / XE3 / XE4 / XE5 / XE6 / XE7 / XE8 / XE10 , Embarcadero Delphi , C++Builder 10 Seattle

1)  DXperience最新版本汉化资源(2万词汇专业汉化、节约3成项目研发时间、一行代码轻松搞定!)
2)  DevExpress for .NET高级培训(“功能讲解+示例演示+实战演练”三位一体的培训模式,让您真正学有所获!)


ExpressBars Suite
  • T701966 - TdxBarColorCombo - An AV occurs on closing a custom color button's dialog if a bar item is embedded in a submenu
ExpressEditors Library
  • T699743 - Changed ModifiedAfterEnter Behaviour with 18.2.2
  • T707174 - cxCalcEdit not allowing to enter a leading decimal in data - 64-bit only
  • T686048 - cxCheckBox - An image assigned to the Properties.Glyph property is displayed incorrectly if it contains semitransparent pixels
  • T680683 - cxCheckBox - The caption is displaced 1 pixel down compared with the standard VCL TCheckBox component of the same height that is less than 23 pixels
  • T699295 - cxCheckComboBox - Hovering the mouse pointer over a redisplayed drop-down window causes the "Invalid window handle" exception after displaying and closing a dialog in Hybrid scrollbar mode
  • T705337 - Hints to which the TcxHintStyleController component applies the advanced hint style are not DPI-aware
  • T688382 - TcxCustomEdit descendants - An editor located on an inherited form stores Style.IsFontAssigned = True to the form's DFM file on changing the editor's font settings in the parent form
  • T699559 - TcxCustomGroupBox and its descendants display a border behind their captions if a skin is applied
  • T669541 - TcxDBExtLookupComboBox - The "Stack Overflow" exception occurs on redisplaying the drop-down window after raising an exception on its closure
  • T695106 - TcxDBRichEdit - Pressing the "Return" key disables the read-only mode for the editor whose Properties.RichEditClass property is set to recRichEdit41 in Windows 10
  • T704526 - Using NullString with Spin Edit no longer works
  • T706263 - Windows 10 FCU - Rad Studio 10.3 Rio - Scrollbars in editors scale incorrectly on a monitor whose DPI differs from the system DPI if an application is built with the "Per Monitor V2" DPI awareness option in its manifest
ExpressLayout Control
  • T698115 - An AV occurs on dragging a layout group that displays the expand button if the layout control uses a custom container whose IsFloatingSupported function returns False
  • T702538 - TdxThreadPoolHelper raises an exception in RAD Studio XE6 and earlier in certain cases
  • T700699 - An AV occurs on rendering a document with an image displayed on multiple pages  
  • T701690 - Memory leaks can occur when rendering a document with a PDF resource shared between multiple pages
  • T705864 - The direction of navigation between highlighted search results is switched incorrectly in certain cases
ExpressPrinting System
  • T702683 - Fonts scaled wrongly in print preview with 4k display (200% scale)
  • T698516 - Print dialog - The selected printer's name is not displayed if the native style is applied to an application run via Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2008
  • T692094 - Print Preview of a dynamically created TdxLayoutControl crashes with List index out of bounds
  • T706333 - Scheduler Report Link - A report displays no events if the Agenda, Calendar Details, or Memo print style is applied
  • T695860 - TreeList Report Link - All nodes are printed regardless of the applied filter
ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • T708273 - All Views - A conditional formatting rule saved by calling a StoreTo~ procedure is deleted on calling the corresponding RestoreFrom~ procedure if the rule has no specified target column
  • T699724 - Custom filter not showing value
  • T704012 - cxGrid is re-scaled when using StoreToStream
  • T691041 - Incorrect grid resizing
  • T705498 - Table and Banded Table Views - Master-Detail - The drag-and-drop functionality ceases to work correctly after expanding a nested detail view while dragging a record
  • T682344 - The Filter Row retains an in-place cell editor's value on closing the Filter Panel if the OptionsBehavior.AlwaysShowEditor property is True, and the in-place editor is currently outside the visible area


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