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【版本更新】跨平台开发框架DevExtreme v17.1.7正式发布|附下载

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DevExtreme Complete Subscription是性能最优的 HTML5,CSS 和 JavaScript 移动、Web开发框架,可以直接在Visual Studio集成开发环境,构建iOS,Android,Tizen和Windows Phone 8应用程序。DevExtreme包含 PhoneJS 和 ChartJS 两个原生UI组件,并且提供源代码。目前,DevExtreme支持VS2010/2012/2013集成开发环境,兼容Android 4+、iOS5+、Windows 8、Window Phone 8、Tizen五大移动平台,是Visual Studio开发人员开发跨平台移动产品的首选工具。



Data Grid
  • T552598 - Documentation dxDataGrid - The selection.showCheckBoxesMode option is not described properly
  • T555797 - dxDataGrid - Cell focus is not preserved after editing if updates are performed via remote service
  • T551524 - dxDataGrid - Column headers are not displayed for the existing client state if CustomStore doesn't return any data and columns are not defined
  • T551323 - dxDataGrid - It is impossible to navigate to the filterRow editor for a non-fixed column by left-click in IE 10
  • T553981 - dxDataGrid - It is possible to expand/collapse groups in infinite scrolling mode when expandMode = rowClick
  • T557200 - dxDataGrid - Modifying the filter row operation causes the "Cannot read property 'option' of undefined" error when the edit column visibility is changed in the onContentReady event handler
  • T550013 - dxDataGrid - The getSelectedRowKeys function produces a wrong result when a row is unchecked with the Shift key
  • T551322 - dxDataGrid - The header context menu is not displayed for a non-fixed column in IE10
  • T546637 - dxDataGrid - The navigation back occurs to the initial cell after tabbing out of an edited cell
  • T553067 - dxDataGrid allows submitting a form when the Cell Editing mode is enabled
Data Visualization
  • T555770 - dxChart - Crosshairs are not displayed for axes with the name option
  • T555160 - dxPieChart - It's impossible to disable hatching for legend color blocks
  • T557040 - The chart is cut off at the bottom and top if aggregation is enabled and a series has no points
  • T555266 - TS Definitions - The type of the customizeTooltip function's argument is wrong
DevExtreme Core
  • T556345 - Angular integration - 'Expression has changed after it was checked' error occurs on binding values via markup
  • T545977 - dxDataGrid - A master-detail grid causes the "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error
  • T554034 - dxDataGrid - AngularJS binding expressions are displayed in the column with the specified cellTemplate when some text is entered into the search panel
  • T532675 - dxForm removes template editors when a layout is recreated in an Angular app
  • DevExtreme v17.1.7详细更新(英文)


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