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DevExtreme Complete Subscription是性能最优的 HTML5,CSS 和 JavaScript 移动、Web开发框架,可以直接在Visual Studio集成开发环境,构建iOS,Android,Tizen和Windows Phone 8应用程序。DevExtreme包含 PhoneJS 和 ChartJS 两个原生UI组件,并且提供源代码。目前,DevExtreme支持VS2010/2012/2013集成开发环境,兼容Android 4+、iOS5+、Windows 8、Window Phone 8、Tizen五大移动平台,是Visual Studio开发人员开发跨平台移动产品的首选工具。




Data Grid
  • T565727 - dxDataGrid - A validation error in the adaptive detail is not cleared when a new row is added if the Save link was clicked before adding a new row
  • T558721 - dxDataGrid - An editor type in the banded column is incorrect if its caption equals the dataField of the nested column and form options are specified
  • T559431 - dxDataGrid - Column reordering works slowly if page size is large
  • T570666 - dxDataGrid - CustomStore throws the "E4021 - The server response does not provide the totalCount value" error on an attempt to ungroup the field even if totalCount is returned from the load function
  • T562068 - dxDataGrid - dxCheckBox doesn't change the current validation state after navigation is performed in editing mode
  • T549033 - dxDataGrid - onRowValidating is called twice if isValid is set to "false"
  • T563460 - dxDataGrid - Summaries are not updated after loading the next page in Infinite Scrolling mode
  • T562062 - dxDataGrid - The "Cannot read property 'is' of null" error occurs on an attempt to navigate from the last row cell if an adaptive detail row is visible
  • T564741 - dxDataGrid - The Enter press does not submit changes in row editing mode
  • T562486 - dxDataGrid - The Validation message doesn't appear on the Enter key click in cell editing mode
  • T558301 - dxDataGrid does not show a validation message when there is a single row and virtual scrolling is used
  • T543615 - dxDataGrid does not synchronize columns with rows when the content is scrolled horizontally under certain conditions
  • T555949 - dxDataGrid hangs the browser when the pageSize option value is greater than 50 and the columnHidingEnabled option is enabled
  • T557341 - dxDataGrid height is incorrect after canceling editing inside dxTabPanel within a master-detail template
  • T547950 - dxDataGrid selects multiple rows incorrectly after resetting the filter
  • T570538 - dxDropdown configured with dxDataGrid displays an unexpected tooltip on hovering over the magnifying glass icon
  • T566012 - It's impossible to cancel changes if the grid's data source fields are observable
Data Visualization
  • T554490 - dxChart - A browser hangs if a data source has very close values and the synchronizedValue property is enabled
  • T565827 - dxChart - Detached DOM nodes are referenced in renderer.js after the widget is destroyed
  • T563531 - dxChart - Zooming does not work if multiple panes are used
  • T567595 - dxPieChart - Labels with long text overlap the legend if sizeGroup is enabled
  • T565918 - Strips are not displayed for the discrete axis
DevExtreme Core
  • T559301 - DevExtreme SPA - dxCommand becomes invisible if the title option is changed after the visible option
  • T560045 - ODataStore always requests the next data portion if the response body contains the @odata.nextLink parameter
DevExtreme Demos
  • T562071 - DevExtreme .NET Core demos - Northwind model classes don't have validation attributes
  • T566451 - DevExtreme Theme Builder does not work when a script blocker like uBlock Origin is used
  • T565783 - Widgets Gallery - The search functionality does not work when a script blocker (like uBlock) is used

DevExtreme v17.1.8详细更新(英文)

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